"Several years ago my father and my husband's parents, who were all in their 80's, developed significant health issues at the same time. One began to lose his eyesight, another was diagnosed with dementia, and the third was nearing death. We were so overwhelmed by the magnitude of these problems that we weren’t able to capture the story of my mother-in-law’s life before she passed. Heartbroken, we vowed that we would never let that happen again, a vow that inspired us to write Cherished Memories – The Story of My Life.

A collection of thought-provoking questions organized in a beautiful portable binder, Cherished Memories – the Story of My Life is designed to record an individual’s life stories, wisdom, lessons learned, important experiences and advice for future generations. Grouped according to the stages of life, the questions serve as springboards for deep, meaningful conversations that you might never have otherwise had with the important people in your life. Every question is followed by plenty of space in which to record the facts, thoughts, memories and feelings that make each individual and life journey completely unique. Cherished Memories – the Story of My Life can be used to interview beloved family members or friends, or to help you leave a detailed record of your own journey.

The idea for this book began when I started interviewing my father and father-in-law and my daughter Lynn, with her husband, began interviewing her mother-in-law. We were surprised that our questions evoked such deep emotional responses, and were heartened by parents who took our interest in their lives as irrefutable signs of our love, respect and appreciation. At the same time, the children and grandchildren in our family learned to see the older generation in a completely new and interesting light. It opened up powerful, meaningful and healing communication among all involved.

We soon realized that the value of Cherished Memories – the Story of My Life went beyond capturing the stories of seniors alone. During the past year, I have been working on my own life story. And, although only in her thirties, Lynn decided that she wanted to do the same for her husband and herself while the memories were still fresh, so that their children would have a more complete record. For both of us, recording these memories has become a source of joy, comfort, purpose, laughter, tears and peace of mind. We feel certain it will be the same for you.

We wish you great happiness and blessings on your journey."

Debby Bitticks and Lynn Benson  

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