"I made the documentary, Hiding Halina, because I wanted to tell the story of how I survived the Holocaust, as a legacy for my children and their children. As a witness I wanted to leave a record in order to honor the members of my family who perished so that my children would not forget those whom I had known and loved. Since my family was exterminated, neither I nor my children had an extended family. I wanted my children to understand why they had no aunts, uncles, cousins . . . The slaughter of the Jews was an attempt at dehumanizing them and at creating a world in which it would seem that they had never existed. I wanted to give to those that had lost an identity a human face that my children and those who will come after them will be able to remember; an identity as real people, not as an anonymous statistic. I wanted to keep their existence alive through the telling of my story so that they will not just disappear. I hope that this film will add meaning to my children's and my grandchildren's lives and restore meaning to the lives of those who perished."

                   — Halina

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