"Last December, my daughter Pat presented me with a unique gift to chronicle my life history - Cherished Memories, The Story of My Life. At first I hesitated to unravel an often fragile and at times difficult past. However, my worries soon vanished. I was not only able to recollect my life story in my own time and in my own style, but to experience a closer and stronger bond that now exists between my children and me.

My daughter, Pat started interviewing me every Saturday and we soon affectionately called this day our "Cherished Memories" day. Many times, we would start to reminisce about our lives apart and now together again which typically lead into a story about my early days in war torn Europe, or coming to America with two very young children and another child on the way. We cried together when I recalled my youth spent fleeing to other countries with my mother and all 5 of us children under the age of 10. Other times, my daughter and I would be drawn together when both of us recollected the community's kindness and generosity when I was given 1 year to live while carrying Pat's youngest sister. I had no idea that my 48-year-old would remember herself at 6-years-old jumping up and down with glee when I came home from the hospital and then following me everywhere in the house!

But Cherished Memories, The Story of My Life also helped me capture the very happy and sometimes very funny times in my life. On my birthday night all of my children and I laughed uncontrollably when we remember how Pepee, the family's parrot broke loose and how my husband tried to put him back in his cage…for two straight hours! These stories now remind me and my children how unique our lives were and to celebrate the events that made us stronger and now eventually closer.

I would not trade the richness and wealth that Cherished Memories gave me to present to my own children. All four of my kids now clamor for stories from the past and love to read about their grandparents, aunts and uncles. They also now understand why I hold some pictures near and dear to me --- especially the only one taken with my mother, sisters and brothers. I treasure this picture the same way I now treasure all my precious memories. I often receive calls from my kids telling me their recollections and how they now hold dearly the moments in their life that were filled with joy and at times sorrow. Cherished Memories, The Story of My Life is now my favorite and my children's favorite book that not only serves as a personal memoir, but as a blueprint of an entire character that can be passed down generation-to-generation.

I'm buying 2 more binders to give to dear friends at church who want to interview their parents. God bless you for this wonderful product!

You have my permission to share this letter with others who might consider taking the time to interview their parents."

                   — Ruth

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